Naive Creations By Monica Moser
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Nave Creations is the name that identifies my artistic works.  Nave is a simple and colorful style that reflects a unique vision of the world, a special outlook on life: a happy, harmonious, beautiful nature/spirit nave in essence.  
A self-taught painter, I am also a writer, constantly creating stories, in a mission to convey a message of inspiration.  Many of the paintings are the images of my stories, the visualization of a memory, the interpretation of a dream or thought.  I try to reflect what I feel, gratitude and content, as no matter how difficult the path might seem at times, there is hope and beauty everywhere.  Life is infinite possibilities of self-growth and realization.
Touched and inspired by the mysticism and magic of Peru where I was born, the exuberance and splendid nature of Venezuela where I grew up, I am happy creating imaginary worlds, portraying the beauty of life.
Miracles exist, and dreams can come true


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